Prevention is better than cure!

18 December 2020

In the past year we have fixed a number of machines with iron problems in the hydraulic system. The problems with iron in the machine are in many cases caused by the hydraulic attachment of the machine (for example a sorting peg, mowing bucket or demolition hammer). The problem mainly occurs with machines where attachments are frequently changed. When the hydraulic attachment wears out, iron can run through the machine and the oil becomes contaminated.

So most of the iron that remains in the system comes from the attachment. The first filters are only in the hydraulic tank and the iron parts are then already in the valve block, when the time comes it can also end up in the cylinders. This iron ensures that, in the long run, the entire machine becomes contaminated. If nothing is done about this pollution, the machine will stop running at some point.

The repair is a costly affair that can amount to large amounts. The larger the machine, the more expensive the repair costs. However, the repair of the machine can already be prevented with a small adjustment. The press filters are useful with the hydraulic components at the front of the boom (tilt turner, sorting pin, saw, etc.). By providing a machine with press filters on the hammer and rotation function, this prevents the spread of iron through the system and thus protects your pumps. Furthermore, the press filters are very cheap compared to the costs that have to be incurred if they are not present on the machine.

Many people are not aware that a small adjustment can make a very big difference and do not take it as an option on their used or newly purchased machine. They don't see the point and don't spend extra money on what one may never need. Staad recommends that you do this in order to avoid major problems.

The installation of the filters is not difficult, it does not take much work and we are happy to help you to ensure that your machine remains in top condition and performs optimally!

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