Registering a license plate, how do I do that?

18 February 2021

It is now clear to many people that the registration requirement is a fact. But how do you register this? This can easily be done via the RDW website via the following link: . Below we explain step by step how this works.

Do you have an existing machine that was purchased before January 1, 2021? Then go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the RDW website:
  2. Click on the register vehicle button:
  3. Login with your DigiD or with the details of your company.
  4. Fill in the complete form and see an example of the form here.
  5. Send the forms as described by the RDW.
  6. You will receive an email confirming submission of your form.
  7. You will receive the license plate registration.
  8. Take the papers to a car dealer to have a license plate made.
  9. Attach the license plate to your excavator.
  10. You are now ready! Ready to hit the road! Wishing you many safe Doosan operating hours.

Do you have a new machine that was purchased after January 1, 2021? Then go through these steps:
(Note: when you buy a machine from us that must have a registration number, we will arrange this for you)

  1. Go to the following RDW website: vehicles-en-mobiele-machines
  2. Fill in the complete form.
  3. You have now made an appointment to have your new machine inspected by the RDW.
  4. An employee of the RDW will come and inspect your machine.
  5. Upon approval, the machine is provided with a registration number.

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