Registration requirement is now a fact

03 February 2021

The registration requirement came into effect in January. This has consequences for every company in our industry. To help you remember exactly what it means and when it applies to your machine, we've written it out for you again, including a decision tree so you can see what steps you need to take. If you can't figure it out, please contact us. We are an RDW-approved company so that we can provide all new mobile excavators with a license plate. Do you have a used mobile excavator and do you want to register it, but you are not sure how? Even then we are happy to help you with your questions.

What is changing?
The registration requirement will be expanded, which will also have an effect on your machine or your machine in the future. Agricultural tractors that drive faster than 25 kilometers per hour on public roads must have a registration number from January 2021 . An MOT obligation also applies to agricultural tractors with a speed higher than 40 kilometers per hour. New mobile machines with a construction speed higher than 6 km per hour will be required to register for driving on public roads from 1 January. This also applies to the mobile excavator and loader. For mobile machines, when you purchase a new one, one number plate at the rear is mandatory from 2021. If you now have a mobile machine, you have a little longer to do so, namely until January 1, 2025. Then it is also mandatory for all existing mobile machines that drive faster than 40 kilometers per hour. You must register your mobile excavator yourself on the RDW website, without a license plate a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour applies.
There are a number of vehicle groups that are exempt from the new legislation. The main groups of agricultural vehicles that are exempted are:
• MMBSs and MMs that are no wider than 130 centimeters and are intended for mowing, controlling weeds, sweeping, clearing snow, combating slippery roads, or collecting dog poop
(and have no towing facility for other vehicles). Forklifts that are no wider than 130 centimeters are also included (if no vehicles are towed), as well as certain 'fruit trains' that are no wider than 130 centimeters;
• Agricultural vehicles and mobile machines with a maximum construction speed of no more than 6 km/h;
• Truck-mounted forklifts;
• Fruit trains (annually between 1 July and 30 November);
• Single-axle motor vehicles;
• Asphalt pavers, planers and rollers used in the context of road maintenance and construction.
From 1 January 2021, the introduction of the registration obligation for
• agricultural and forestry tractors;
• motor vehicles with limited speed;
• mobile machines (new category);
• agricultural or forestry trailers;
• interchangeable trailed attachments

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