Renting provides flexibility

04 March 2021

We visit Frans, who has been working at Gebr. van Rijbroek is a contracting and earthmoving company based in Eerde. Frans is a multi-purpose operator, from a wheel loader to a midi excavator , he controls everything. This time he drives the Doosan DX57W-5 . Gebr. Van Rijbroek rents this excavator from their dealer Staad , they have many of their own Doosan excavators, but in order to be flexible towards their customers, in this case Vogel's landscaping , renting an excavator is occasionally very useful. This way they don't have to buy a whole machine, but can rent it for a short or long term from their dealer Staad .

Frans is currently running the Doosan DX57W-5 for the municipality of Meijerstad, where it is used to perform manual tasks. At the location where we are, Frans is busy tidying up the park of a new residential area. ''I really like the Doosan DX57W-5 , it's a nice machine to rent from. We also have a Doosan DX63-3 at the shop, but if I have to drive over a lawn then I drive everything to pieces with the rubber tracks. This is not a problem with the Doosan DX57W-5 . A point that I find a little less about the machine is driving longer pieces on the road. I now have to do that a lot because I have to do several jobs for the municipality at different locations in one day. If you really did buy the machine, I would recommend building different tires or more suspension on it. In this way the machine moves less on the road. For the rest it is really a very nice machine, according to Frans''.

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