Rik van Venrooij has green fingers since childhood

07 October 2020

Rik van Venrooij has had green fingers from an early age. It was therefore not surprising that he started to study gardening. After his training he gained a lot of experience at a landscaping company, but because he thought intensive contact with the customer was very important, he made the switch to a somewhat smaller landscaping company.

“I have always aspired to start my own business and at the beginning of 2019 the time had come. With all the supplies in my pocket, the first step of my new adventure was taken. I am a perfectionist in that regard, the gardens have to be delivered down to the last detail. From the start I am the contact with the customer and I will remain so, this starts with an introductory meeting. This is followed by a design and when we come to a conclusion together, the construction and delivery of the customer's dream garden follows."

Working together with reliable people is an advantage for Rik, only in this way can he guarantee and consolidate everything.

“I think it's important to work with people you can rely on, who you can only send out with the idea that they feel the same way as I do. That way I can fully focus on my own tasks. We are therefore with a select group of always the same people and I currently have an intern with me to learn the tricks of the trade and hopefully Luuk will stick around after his training, haha.

Also an important pivot in the whole is the Doosan DX10z purchased at the beginning of this year. This takes so much time off your hands and is easy to take with you. Because I often rented a tap in the beginning, I started to think whether it might be more profitable to buy one. And because I had only just started for myself, I was of course very doubtful. Then Staad came up with a nice offer and I decided to go for it. I also regularly work for a construction company and then the Doosan DX10z also comes in handy when excavating for the foundation. That way I can use it in a more varied way to let it run for hours.”

“There are now 180 hours on the counter. I was very cheeky to remove your stickers and replace them with stickers with the name of my company on them, haha, sorry! The Doosan DX10 z does of course act as a kind of business card. I prefer to be working on a garden for a maximum of 2 weeks and then move on to the next one. In this way we keep the speed and variation in it. My working area is actually only around Heesch and I really have to rely on word of mouth advertising. That is why it is so important to guarantee and to do what you have promised.”

Only just started a good year for itself and already big plans for the future.

“We are now a club of 4 people, but when I have reached the age of 50, I hope to have expanded to a team or two that I can send on the road to realize beautiful projects. I feel that I achieve the most with openness and honesty, as well as appearing at the customers with a smile and that is how I want to continue to look to the future and distinguish myself.”

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