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25 July 2018

What makes a service bus so complete?
Staad believes that it is important to bring as much as possible to the location so that almost everything can be made on location. The service bus contains power and oil supplies, special tools, engine tools and normal tools. For the repairs, preparation is half the battle. Before the service bus leaves the door, it will be loaded with all the items needed for the repair. For some repairs we have developed service kits. The service kit is stocked with parts, special tools and spare parts needed by the technician to troubleshoot or perform repairs. In this way, he is also well prepared when he receives a notification and can therefore go there immediately. In addition to all parts and tools that are present in the service bus, it is also important that tools are always available that can test whether everything works and whether the malfunction or the repaired part is performing optimally. The special tools mentioned earlier in the article are special wrenches that are unique and specially made. In this case to be able to tighten and loosen ZF nuts. Then be able to extort it so that it can still be tested on location. So that the mechanics don't continue to assemble it while it is actually still broken. The extra test ensures easier work, but also that the technicians can work quickly. In summary, this is necessary to be able to build and check everything step by step.

Service engineer

What can the service technicians do with the service buses on site?
“Basically everything”, says Staad's service coordinator, Corne Vromans with a smile. Removing the engine if absolutely necessary, his men repair axles, travel motors and bucket cylinders on the way. So in short, even the heavier work can be repaired en route. Sometimes the service technicians have to drive in pairs because it does not work alone, but that is also possible. The most special case they have managed on the road is an engine built in and out. In addition, they sometimes have difficult and complicated things, such as a DX530LC, the largest they have had a broken engine and they hung it on the way.

What is different from the competition?
At competitors, the customers often have to go to the workshop with the machine. At Staad, 95% of the service they provide to customers is on the road. This is where Staad knows how to distinguish itself from the competition. This is also one of the things that allows them to provide good service in the expanded area. In addition to the fact that service is offered via the service buses, they are also looking at locations to rent a workshop. As soon as a challenge arises at a customer, they have the opportunity to operate in several places in the Netherlands, as they now have in Limburg and Belgium. At Staad they always want to meet the customer so that the high transport costs do not immediately appear.

Expansion of the service buses?
The service buses are still being expanded. At the moment there are nine service buses and this will be expanded to eleven buses, that's for sure. And from there, there has been growth again. The big advantage of this is that service buses will run throughout the area. So that the waiting time of the customer can be reduced even further. For example, the service technician will receive night deliveries so that they do not have to go back to Veghel to resupply their buses, but can go straight to the customer the next morning. This is still in the development phase, but Staad is busy developing it completely.

What is very important to the customer from a business perspective?
This is important for the customer so that the maximum availability of their machine is guaranteed, so that the machine is down as little as possible.

The points for improvement of the service buses?
Staad is busy making the power supply even more optimal, but also bringing a separate diesel generator with them so that they can carry out the heavier welding work. This can then be taken on a trailer or in the bus. Staad is constantly working to continue to develop in all areas. This is important to be able to deliver the service to the customer as quickly as possible. And don't forget to keep the parts that are present in the service buses up to date on the latest machines, when a minor malfunction occurs, the mechanics can immediately take it with them on the road.

Customer data always at hand!
Because the Staad service department has everything digital, the technicians can easily look up all the information from the customers. It is convenient because there is also WiFi on the buses. This allows the service technicians to switch quickly. They can easily access not all information from the customers, but also all information about the specific machine.

In addition to keeping the service buses up to date, it is also important for Staad that the technicians are well-trained and quickly up to standard in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. In this way they can quickly go to large jobs themselves. This is first done under the supervision of an experienced service technician so that they can quickly gain experience and get to know the customers. Staad is also working on the latest innovation, including VR glasses for the mechanics. When they run into something, the SCT team can watch what they see live and a solution can be found immediately.

Staad has a breakdown service . Where previously a service technician was always on duty after opening hours, there are now two service technicians who have breakdown service. In this way, Staad can help customers even faster.

Staad promise: Optimally performing machines that help our customers to be successful!

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