Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them to.

11 December 2018

Not everything always runs smoothly at Staad and Doosan either. The Doosan DX235LCR-5 for EVS infrastructure has had a difficult start-up, the machine had unique problems and malfunctions almost from the start. Staad's service department has been on location several times to solve the problems with this Doosan DX235LCR-5. Unfortunately for Staad and EVS not with the desired result. There was also no reference for the specific malfunctions, several other Doosan DX235LCR-5 excavators did not have these problems.

It is jointly decided to bring the machine inside and to turn it completely inside out in the workshop to find out where the cause of the malfunction comes from and also to make the desired adjustments at the request of EVS.

This time with the right result, the machine has been running trouble-free for several months now and to the great pleasure of the EVS operator.

"Optimum performing machines that help our customers to be successful", that is what gives Staad its raison d'être. Of course we do everything we can with team Staad every day to satisfy our customers from the first moment, but if necessary, we come back to it and go for the solution so that we can keep our promise.

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Staad is the official importer and dealer of Doosan earth-moving machines. We offer top-performing machines that help our customers to be successful. This is possible with new, used or rental machines, but we would also like to be your partner for service, maintenance, parts and financing issues.

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