Spotted en route: Second Doosan for Van de Wijgert, the pallet specialist from Tilburg.

30 May 2019

After delivery of the first Doosan DL220-5, Van de Wijgert, the pallet specialist from Tilburg, recently took a new Doosan DX140W-5 into use. We will talk to Jolanda van de Wijgert at the beautiful location in Tilburg. She enthusiastically updates us about the experience with their new investment. Jolanda, together with her brother Patrick, forms the management.

Jolanda: "The purchase of this Doosan DX140W-5 is partly the result of the first purchase of our Doosan DL220-5. The special thing is that that first purchase in 2017 was not our greatest success in the beginning. We really do have start-up problems with it. which of course you are not waiting for with a new machine. Staad took full responsibility during that period and supported and helped us at all times that was necessary. They just picked it up well and quickly. After the delivery, Staad also had a different cooperation in mind, but they always provided the solution. Since the start-up problems have been under control, the machine really functions as we could expect in advance. Our new purchase, the Doosan DX140W-5, actually originated from the way Staad has supported us.In our company, too, things sometimes turn out differently than we would like. Here too, especially about the way in which we eventually solve this. We were well supported by salesman Johan Zijlmans when investing in this machine. We soon figured it out together. Of course, this is only possible if you have confidence in the Doosan and Staad product as a supplier. Our operator Henri enjoys working and I don't hear any complaints or problems, so I can be satisfied too. If things remain as they are now, we will continue to do business with Staad with great pleasure for a long time to come. "

Thank you Jolanda for your time and good luck with your beautiful venture! Wishing you many productive and safe working hours with both of your Doosan machines.

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