Spotted on the way: Two young Doosan's used for C-infra from Dongen.

03 September 2019

C-infra from Dongen, a specialist in earthworks, sewerage and paving, has purchased two young used Doosan from Staad BV this year: a Doosan DX235LC-5 and a Doosan DX140W-5. We are in contact with Corne van den Noort, owner of C-infra, and ask him about their new, double investment. Why used a young Doosan twice?

Corne: "We bought the Doosan DX235LC-5 at the beginning of this year. This was a nice young used machine and it fitted exactly into our multi-year investment plan that we have set out. I came to Staad through previous Doosan purchases. These Doosan's are performing really well and we are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Staad.The purchase of the Doosan DX140W-5 was not budgeted in the aforementioned investment plan, but we were commissioned to do a nice job in which we used a Doosan DX140W-5 Of course we could rent, but this young used Doosan DX140W-5 was for sale at Staad, which made me decide to bring forward the investment, which was planned for the end of this year/beginning of next year. machine was quickly deployable and available, hence the "double" investment in a relatively short period. Thanks to these investments we are again 'up to date' with our machine park and we can provide our clients in their question. Due to the short delivery times and our quick availability, we still have the machines in the original orange Doosan color. An agreement with the painter has already been made to put both machines in our own C-infra company colors in the coming months. We have been helped enormously by Staad in this way and we have great confidence in their service."

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