Spotted: Young used Doosan DX160W-5 put to work by Smits Grondverzet from Riethoven.

09 July 2019

We are at a beautiful construction site around Eindhoven and we have contact with Stijn Smits there. Stijn is the owner of Smits Grondwerken from Riethoven and has been in possession of this young used Doosan DX160W-5 for some time. Stijn, how did you come to Staad and Doosan with this new investment?

Stijn: "I had been running a Doosan for some years at my previous employer. The moment I really started my own business, it was clear to me that the machine to be purchased could certainly be a Doosan. Initially I would I was able to take over a Doosan in the trade that was available in the market. Of course I also inquired with Staad. Then I weighed everything up. Do I buy a Doosan from Staad or one in the trade? I have for the first time and had quite a few ideas about the extra options when building the machine. The machine is now also completely composed to my own wishes. Everything that has been built up in extra options is completely new and with warranty. Added to this was the advice from Staad with their knowledge and experience and this gives me a lot of ease of use every day. That would probably not have been possible with a machine from the trade. On the other hand, the price difference actually disappears, as far as I'm concerned. The experience, they so it was worth more to me than trust and confidence.

The machine is quite complete. In a few weeks GPS will be built at Staad, then I will be ready for every client: large and small. I don't really have any points for improvement for Staad for now. I enjoy sitting on this machine and rely on Staad when I need support with this Doosan DX160W-5. "

Wishing you many safe and comfortable hours Stijn!

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