SSEB subsidy

27 August 2021

Cumela came a while back with an article about the SSEB grant. But what exactly does this mean? This subsidy was created to compensate for the purchase of an emission-free machine. The costs of purchasing a zero-emission machine are higher than the costs of purchasing a diesel machine. To make it interesting, the SSEB subsidy may compensate up to 40-50% of the additional costs compared to a machine with a combustion engine.

The subsidy scheme is expected to be drawn up in January 2022. A lot of money has been made available in the coming years to reduce emissions from construction machinery, namely around 500 million euros.

When the subsidy is available, it can be applied for on the RVO website. The SSEB subsidy consists of three parts.

  • The purchase of new zero-emission mobile equipment on land, water and construction vehicles in civil and non-residential construction and ground, road and hydraulic engineering.
  • The conversion of existing to zero- and low-emission mobile equipment. This grant is only available for existing Stage III A/B machines and for new Stage V machines between 19 and 56 kW engine power.
  • Stimulating the development of zero-emission construction equipment by means of innovation subsidies that are currently lacking.

Source: Cumela

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