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15 July 2021

During a presentation on Tuesday 6 July by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the starting signal was clearly given for a zero-emission construction site. They want to take the next steps in the coming years to achieve the goal of having the construction sites completely emission-free by 2030. The step-by-step plan from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is as follows:

1. 2021 the starting signal has been given to companies to start making their machinery more sustainable and the Ministry is including stricter targets in project assignments.

2. Exploring the path by providing knowledge and development programs to the industry so that new knowledge, frameworks and working methods can be created.

3. Stimulate the leading group so that they can be the first buyers of emission-free construction equipment and a scaling-up strategy can be developed from there.

4. Reward frontrunners in contracts based on emission-free working and give them the opportunity to take the pack with them and gradually tighten the contract requirements.

5. Goal 2030 All government projects are tendered in a climate neutral and circular manner and make a noticeable contribution to a sustainable living environment

The steps also reflect the government's ambition to achieve the climate agreement. The three pillars they mention are 100% CO2 reduction, high-quality reuse of materials and halving the use of primary raw materials.

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