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21 August 2019

Don't have a GPS system on your Doosan excavator yet? Then you can read here what you need to be able to run with GPS.

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  1. The machine needs a machine preparation. This means that the correct cabling must be present on the machine with the necessary components, such as sensors to measure the position of the boom, arm and (tilting) bucket and an internet modem to be able to make a data connection.
  2. The machine must be measured and calibrated. The dimensions and angle measurements of the boom, arm and (tilting) bucket are accurately measured and entered into the system. In addition, the position of the GNSS receivers is determined relative to the boom pin.
  3. In addition to the machine preparation, a cab kit must also be mounted. The cab kit consists of a screen and two GPS receivers.
  4. The GPS system requires GNSS correction data to accurately display the position within 5 cm. The correction data is received via an internet modem. An active data subscription must be activated for the modem. In addition to an internet connection, the system must be sent GNSS correction data. This data is often purchased from a US provider such as VSNOW, MoveT or 06-gps.
  5. A 3D model must be put into the system to give the operator the correct information needed to make the work.

The system displays the position within 2 inches (5 cm) using GNSS correction data. This correction data is received via an internet modem.

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