Sustainability positive trend?

04 February 2021

In the earthmoving world we have seen major changes in sustainability laws and regulations in the past year. But it is also increasingly a hot topic in everyday society. Waste segregation continues to progress, a reduction in purchasing behavior is promoted and companies are focusing on sustainable business practices. This is all classed as sustainability by some people. But is that true? Because, what is sustainability actually, and more specifically what is sustainable business?

The definition of sustainability according to the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet and compromise their own needs. In addition, sustainability is often described on the basis of the three Ps; People, Profit and Planet. This means that people want to live in prosperity, but at the same time want to take care of the environment so that future humans are not endangered. Sustainability is therefore mainly about a future where everyone can still enjoy a pleasant and healthy life.

Everyone is increasingly aware of the consequences and the effects we have on the environment ourselves. Many people contribute in their own way. Some adjustments we make on our own and feel like no effort. Others are assigned, for example the Nitrogen and PFAS measures. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with this as an organization, but also to filter which steps I need to take now and which ones I might think about in the longer term.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is also increasingly expected in our society, whether it is from your client or from your employees. But it must also be financially feasible. If you as an organization anticipate it more in advance, it can also give you an extra strong market position at a later time. So it can not only be a high investment up front, but it should also result in cost savings and lower environmental pressure for you as an organization. Sustainable entrepreneurship therefore not only leads to environmental protection and a satisfied client, but also benefits your company itself. Enough reasons for you as an organization to participate in this positive trend.

We as Staad are busy with sustainability and of course certainly in the field of electrical. An electric excavator should be affordable for everyone in our industry. We have therefore worked very hard on this recently to make up the difference in costs. As we have now calculated with the current subsidies and the purchase price of a Doosan electric excavator, the difference is still 14% in the costs per operating hour, compared to a diesel excavator. This is calculated on an economic life of six years.

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