TCO or Total Cost of Ownership

09 November 2020

These costs are all added together cost items that are involved in the use of a machine. Examples of these costs include maintenance costs and fuel costs. These two cost components of the TCO show the biggest differences when you compare a Diesel powered machine with an electrically powered machine. You see that the maintenance costs for an electric machine are halved because the engine no longer needs to be maintained (think of engine oil, filters, labor costs). The electric motors that you can find in the Doosan machines are maintenance-free.

Even when you look at the costs of energy consumption with diesel fuel on the one hand and electricity consumption on the other, you see a big difference in the costs per operating hour.

If you plot these TCO costs in a graph, it is noticeable that despite the higher investment value of the electric machine, the total costs are quite close to that of a diesel-driven machine. At some point, these will even fall below the cost of the diesel-powered machine. This does not yet take into account subsidies and tax benefits that will apply to electric earth-moving machines at the moment and in the coming period.

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