The advantages of renting a machine

21 November 2018

Renting a machine is no longer a bad idea. Cobouw already predicted it in 2017, renting a machine is on the rise. And this prediction seems to be coming true. More and more companies are opting for a temporary rental machine as an addition to their current machinery.

But why is it so attractive to rent a machine instead of buying it yourself? One of the reasons may be the variety of work. No assignment, construction site or piece of land is the same. For one assignment you are on a wide, expansive piece of land where there is enough space for a large machine, the following week you are in a residential area where space is limited and a turner is well in place. Customers increasingly demand customization and you as a company must provide this customization. By renting a machine instead of purchasing it, you are more flexible with the deployability of machines.

Another additional advantage of renting a machine is the clarity of the costs. The costs of the machine are known in advance. This makes it easier for you to organize your cash flow and you will not be faced with unforeseen costs.

Another advantage of renting is that the efficiency of the machine is higher. When purchasing a machine, it may happen that the machine is standing still. You then have the costs associated with the machine, but not the income that needs to be generated. Because you can easily determine the rental period when renting a machine, the chance of downtime is much less.

Renting a machine as an addition to your machine park or in general has many advantages. Could renting a machine also be attractive for your company? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities of renting a Doosan excavator? Please contact Jeroen via +31 413 725 116 or send an email to .

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