The deadline for Code 95 is approaching!

13 September 2018

Various reports have been posted in the media about an imminent amendment to the law on further training for professional drivers, but are they correct? And what exactly is Code 95? Read this blog and you will be fully informed about the requirements surrounding Code 95 and the possibility to follow an ECO training at Staad to obtain training hours.

Code 95
Code 95 is a code on the driver's license that indicates that a driver is competent. This code for professional drivers is valid for five years. A driver is declared competent when he has completed 35 hours of training every five years. Obtaining the Code 95 is mandatory and if the requirements are not met, it is no longer possible to work as a professional driver.

Confusion all over the code 95
At the beginning of 2015, it was announced that the exemption rule for older drivers will expire. For Code 95, this meant that anyone born before 1 July 1955 was exempt from Code 95 and therefore did not have to follow 35 hours of additional training. This exemption has expired from 1 June 2015 and drivers born before 1 July 1955 are also obliged to follow the refresher training obligation if they want to continue driving after 2020.

ECO-Training – Code 95 – Staad Group
One of the possibilities to meet the requirement of the additional training hours is to follow an ECO training. Various topics are discussed in the course, such as the legislation and regulations in the industry, reducing idle hours, reducing fuel consumption, improving work approach and more ins and outs about a Doosan excavator.

Staad Groep offers the ECO training on location in Veghel. After completing the training, you can add 7 hours to your Code 95 additional training hours. It is a course with a good mix between theory and practice, a fully catered day where the obligatory is combined with the pleasant.

The ECO training can be followed at Staad on the following days:

Saturday September 22
Saturday October 27
Saturday 05 November
Saturday 25 November
Saturday December 15

The start is at 08:00 and the day ends at 16:00. The inner man is also thought of. If you want to follow the ECO training, please send an email to and sign up. If you have any questions, please contact Eefje on +31 6 15 46 66 46.

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