The energy carrier of our electric excavators: the Powerbox

17 October 2022

One of the most important components in our electrical machines is our powerful 'Powerboxes'. They are the source of energy and enable the electrical machines to function. But how exactly do they work? And why are they so indispensable? You can read it in this article.

Power box

In a Doosan Electric machine there are two power boxes, both of which are interchangeable. A conscious choice was made for an exchangeable Powerbox system, so that time can be used as efficiently as possible. Is one Powerbox empty? Then it can be removed from the machine and connected to a charging point nearby. Then a switch is made to the other Powerbox that is in the machine. The advantage of this is that not the entire machine has to go to a charging point. This way the machine does not come to a standstill unnecessarily.


One Powerbox has a capacity of 140 kWh. This amounts to a total of 280 kWh per machine and they are equipped with a DC high voltage system. The Powerboxes can be charged using a DC, CCS type 2 charger, after which they have enough energy to run again for 3.5 to 4 hours. Our Powerbox is 1 meter long and 1.25 meters wide. The Powerbox is 1.3 meters high and has a weight of approximately 2000 kg.


Because sustainability is of paramount importance to us, all our Power boxes are made of lithium-ion. This material is fully recyclable and contributes to an even better emission-free construction site. Each Powerbox has an expected lifespan of approximately 10 years. When the Powerbox has reached this age, it has an estimated 80% capacity left and can be given a new lease of life and function as, for example, an energy storage for windmills or solar panels.

Active Climate Control System

Another development we have brought to our powerful Powerboxes is the so-called 'Active Climate Control System'. During extremely hot or extremely cold periods, the battery of the machine could fail, because it overheated or became hypothermic. Thanks to this Active Climate Control System, the Powerboxes always remain active between a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees, so there is no chance of failure due to the outside temperature!


In addition to efficiency, safety is also very important, which is why there are a number of important certificates on the Powerbox that must guarantee this for the customer. The Powerbox is the first to receive the UNECE R10 certification. Machines are tested here for all European car electronics regulations. Think of rules such as emissions and RF immunity. Another important certification is the UNECE R100. Contact with high voltage components must be prevented by means of a correct housing in order not to pose a danger to the operator.

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