The man and his machine: Cees Dorrestijn and his Doosan DX340 LC-5

15 October 2019

Around the "Eindhovense" you will find a large activity of earth-moving machines. A little connoisseur will notice that many machines are running here in the well-known Ploegam colors. We spot the blue-red powerhouses and stop at a Doosan DX340LC-5. There we spoke to Cees Dorrestijn about his new machine. Cees is an 'own turner' who has been trusted to work for Ploegam for years. Cees explains: "I have a reliable relationship with Ploegam, which is why this new Doosan DX340 LC-5 was painted in their company colors again. I already had this with my previous Doosan."

Mountains of work in combination with finesse
He explains to us that Cees had no doubts about the fact that his new machine had to become a Doosan again. “This Doosan DX340LC-5 is actually not inferior to the previous model I had. This machine is capable of doing mountains of work, but can also be used for finesse. That makes him versatile, not only for my client, but also for myself of course. The comfort and ease of turning is pleasant. I had a number of extra options built up so that I could really get going. Think of Groeneveld automatic grease lubrication, a hydraulic quick coupler with a certified lifting hook, a footboard on both sides, a tool box and GPS.

keep an eye out
Cees still has a few things to say about GPS. “ My GPS was recently removed from my machine during the lunch break. stolen. Well, that really doesn't make you happy. Nowadays, when I work a bit further from the shack, I eat my sandwich in the cabin during the break. It won't happen to me again and I hope to warn others in this way as well. Stay alert! Important equipment is gone before you know it. The market has of course been in the news a lot in recent weeks due to nitrogen and environmental problems, but I still want to have many enjoyable hours on this Doosan DX340LC-5. The work and the machine are too beautiful for that!"

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