The man and his machine, Peer Bressers and his Doosan DX170W-5

02 April 2020

Before we visit driver Peer Bressers , we are welcomed with a cup of coffee at the Hanenberg Wegenbouw head office in Oss .
John van den Hanenberg explains with great enthusiasm and pride how the road construction company is developing. With a complete multifunctional machine park, Hanenberg provides all solutions in road construction. Very practical, one reliable address for many activities, versatile, flexible and with a strong service character. The investment of the Doosan DX170W-5 is mainly of a practical nature for John. John:"The supplier of the machine, Staad, must be able to stand behind their product when issues arise that we cannot resolve from Hanenberg. I see more and more Doosan machines in various works, so in this investment round we also have Staad approached. The acquaintance, support and approach of Staad has surprised us enormously in a positive sense, the involvement and craftsmanship is something we recognize from our own company, that is the basis of doing business together for us. The Doosan DX170W- 5 is quite complete, pleasant for the driver to work with, but it must have added value for us as Hanenberg."
Our conversation is so animated by various interfaces that John can't resist calling his father Andre. We also had the pleasure of getting to know him. Through hard work, craftsmanship and humor Andre started this company more than 50 years ago. Incidentally, there is no wear and tear on this today, they guard this company concept together to guarantee the future. It is wonderful to see how passionately father and son are at the head of this family business, which also carries out their activities far beyond the borders of Brabant.

At the work location in Waalre we meet Peer Bressers, operator on the Doosan DX170W-5 . Peer starts slowly in our appointment but can't be stopped after that. He makes no secret of his enthusiasm for the performance of the Doosan DX170W-5 . Peer was given the opportunity by John Hanenberg to have the machine built by Staad according to his wishes and requirements. As long as Peer could indicate the usefulness and necessity of the options he considered necessary in combination with the benefit in return during his work, John was willing to think about the investment.

With the years of experience of Peer and with the help of the Staad options book, a number of specific adjustments have been built up that make the work easier and/or safer for Peer and his colleagues. Like an extra camera on the spoon handle, not only useful when loading a cargo into a high truck. If his colleagues are standing in a deep sewer trench, Peer still has a view of his colleagues, not for control but for safety. Other practical options are built to preserve the machine, including the extra larger plastic blocks under the support legs, less wear, more support and no adjustment in the pendulum deflection. Or the mini compressor that enables Peer to easily keep his cabin clean. An extra air connection has been built on the outside of the machine to inflate sewer valves.

The future has also been considered, there will probably one day be a tipper trailer with this Doosan DX170W-5 . Because there is a tow bar on both sides at the request of Peer, he has had the hydraulics placed in the middle of the machine so that it is always easily accessible from both sides. With the extra extended spoon handle cylinder, Peer is able to reach a little further in his daily work, so that he has to move his machine less and can still push just that one pipe.

For example, the conscious choice of his tires and extended mudguards definitely help him to keep his machine clean more easily. After all, the eye also wants something and a good washing place is not at hand every week. We haven't even mentioned larger mirrors and a larger wiper blade for more visibility and safety.
If you do not immediately recognize the Hanenberg machine by the company colors of the company from Oss, then the Obelix and the Brabant flag on the cabin leave no doubt. This is the machine of a very proud, skilled and satisfied operator.

I don't think it's a coincidence, but the enthusiasm of John Hanenberg and his father Andre goes hand in hand with the passion and involvement of machinist Peer Bressers. We wish everyone a lot of fun working on this beautiful investment. If your team needs Staad , let us know and we'll be there!

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