The new DX225LC-7X is Doosan's first 'smart' excavator

08 September 2022

Doosan has launched the new DX225LC-7X - the company's first "smart" crawler excavator, designed to help operators work faster and more efficiently. To facilitate this, the DX225LC-7X offers a number of exciting new features as standard, including Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology (electric servo).

Doosan excavators are known for offering more innovative features as standard than other machines on the market. For example, in the standard DX225LC-7 model and the rest of the new Doosan DX-7 medium excavator series, new features offer significant improvements in machine operation, versatility, operator comfort, uptime and return on investment, with a strong focus on increased productivity and robustness.

But the new DX225LC-7X smart model takes this to a new level. In addition to the FEH system, other standard features of the DX225LC-7X include:
-Integrated 2D machine guidance
-Semi-automatic 2D machine control
-Laser receiver
-E-Fence virtual wall
-Weighing system

Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology is similar to the D-ECOPOWER VBO (virtual bleed off) system now built into the standard DX225LC-7 model and all Doosan crawler excavators DX350LC-7 and above. In effect, the FEH is a VBO system without steering pressure lines. The joysticks and pedals are fully electric, but give the operator the same feel as hydraulic joysticks.
In the FEH system, an electrical signal is sent to the central controller and is therefore more accurate and gives faster information. Back pressure and energy loss are therefore eliminated by delivering the exact amount of oil needed. Because the system does not use pilot pressure, energy is saved and results in fuel savings.

In fact, the FEH system offers a very significant 8% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the D-ECOPOWER VBO system. This is in addition to the 7% reduction in fuel consumption already achieved in the standard DX225LC-7 compared to the previous DX225LC-5 model.

Machine guidance and machine control

The integrated machine guidance system on the DX225LC-7X uses sensors mounted on the front end and body to recognize the location of any working device and inform/guide it for the operator. Feedback to the operator is provided via audio and visual displays that allow better control of the machine in relation to the intended or designed direction of travel.

In on-board machine control, sensors on the dipperstick and superstructure recognize the location of each working piece of equipment and support/adjust operation to the work as planned. In this way, when the operator operates the stem, bucket or boom, he follows the target line.

Thanks to the laser receiver, the system always receives the reference point even when the machine changes position, without the operator having to reset the reference point each time the machine is moved.

When the DX225LC-7X is delivered to the customer, all the sensors are already calibrated. But the buckets used by the customer must be calibrated, and no specific tools are required to do this. The system will prompt the operator to enter the required measurements to complete the calibration process with about an hour required to calibrate three buckets.

There are three main machine control functions and they can be activated by pressing the appropriate function button:
-Assist - provides Grade Assist and Bucket Assist
-Swing Control - for Swing Assist and Swing Limit.
- Virtual Wall - Ceiling/bottom/wall/swiveljkradius/cab avoidance/driveway avoidance/bulldozer avoidance

Grade Assist mode - On/Off can be set using the instrument panel and joystick. When Grade Assist mode is set, the boom and bucket are activated green according to the mode setting in the instrument panel icon.

Bucket angle setting - When the bucket assist mode is activated, the current angle is remembered. When the operator operates the bucket joystick, the last value is remembered after the operation is stopped. When Bucket Assist mode is enabled, Bucket is green on the instrument panel icon.

The weighing system and Lift Assist function measures and displays the current weight of the bucket while the operator is loading material and alerts the driver when the total load weight exceeds the target.

Doosan hopes to offer even more on the DX225LC-7X and is currently working on other additional features that will be offered on the machine in the future, including:
-Upgrade to full Trimble GPS 3D (optional).
-Engcon Ready from Factory (Plug and Play)
-Tilt tray for 2D machine guidance

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