The Rivierendriesprong over their two Doosan DL420-7 wheel loaders

23 July 2021

We are visiting the Rivierendriesprong in Papendrecht. A Doosan DL400 and a DL420-3 wheel loader used to drive around here with 12000 and 13000 working hours on the counter. These have recently been replaced by two new Doosan DL420-7 wheel loaders. The first wheel loaders of the new series in the Netherlands. The Doosan DL420-3 has done a good job for the building materials trade for seven years, so they now choose Doosan again.

building materials trade
De Rivierendriesprong was founded in 2004. Marcel van Herwijnen bought an old distribution center in Papendrecht. This old distribution center was located on the water, so Marcel saw the perfect opportunity to set up a building materials trade. The large site is used as outdoor storage while recycling work is carried out indoors. Our own trucks, transporters, contractors and contractors drive back and forth to deliver and remove sand, soil and other building materials. Up to 3,000 and 5,000 tons per day, it is actually a supermarket for the road and hydraulic engineering sector.

Doosan Wheel Loaders
Wheel loaders are perhaps the most important machines of the building materials trade. The Doosan DL420-3 drove around here for seven years and did a good job. After these years, however, it was due for replacement, so we opted for not one, but two new Doosan wheel loaders. The two Doosan DL420-7 wheel loaders are mainly used for loading trucks with sand, pressing on dumped rubble and loading containers with construction and demolition waste.

Again Doosan
It was certainly not certain that the new wheel loaders would come from Doosan. Since it is a hefty investment for the next ten years, many brands have been on demo. Because our old Doosan worked so well and the new wheel loaders were offered very competitively, they finally decided to choose Doosan again.

Very satisfied
We spoke to driver Carlo. β€œIt's a really big improvement over the older model. The cabin has been upgraded. Visibility is great and it is very quiet in the cabin. That works really nice. The machine is also very strong when loading and when pushing.” After this he jumped into the Doosan DL420-7 to show what it can do.

In the Bouwmachines article you can read that company manager Thijssen says the following: ''The supplier also plays a role. The click with large importers is not always there, because decisions there sometimes take a little longer, according to experience. In that respect, the experiences with dealer Staad are positive. This dealer also comes to do maintenance on location. This allows the wheel loaders to simply remain in the yard.”

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