Three new Doosan stage V crawler excavators from 14 to 16 tons

10 December 2021

Doosan introduces the new generation of medium-sized crawler excavators that meet the stage V requirements. The new models that are being launched are; the Doosan DX140LC-7 (14.6 tons), the Doosan DX140LCR-7 (15.6 tons) and the Doosan DX160HT-7 (17 tons). All three excavators are powered by the Doosan D34 4-cylinder stage V diesel engine with an output of 86 kW (115 hp).

SPC3 smart power controllers

In all new excavators, the improved fuel efficiency of the engines, combined with a new hydraulic main valve and the new SPC3 (smart power controls), provides greater fuel savings compared to previous generation machines. There are now four (previously eight) power modes available on the excavators, helping to simplify operation and make it less complex. The operator can set the power mode in either one-way or two-way mode.

The Doosan DX140LCR-7 crawler excavator is a zero tailswing machine that gives the operator more flexibility in a smaller space without sacrificing performance. This machine also offers a new counterweight design that offers improved service accessibility.

The new Doosan DX160HT-7 crawler excavator has been designed to meet the needs of customers who require a combination of increased ground clearance, a reinforced track frame and a strong traction system with reinforced upper rollers for working in harsh environments and on projects involving greater distances. become.

Increased comfort and controllability

The state-of-the-art cab on all three machines excels in space and ergonomics, taking operator comfort and control to a new level. In addition to a new high-quality seat, the upgraded cab offers more features than other machines on the market as standard.

Other new and important features in and around the cab include:

  • New 8-inch Doosan smart touchscreen, 30% larger screen compared to previous models
  • DAB radio (hands-free and Bluetooth)
  • Doosan smart key
  • Fully adjustable air suspension seat with heating (optionally also with cooling function)
  • Parallel wiper system and newly designed pedals
  • Improved airflow for defrosting and air conditioning
  • 8x LED work lights as standard (optional 4x extra)
  • Option is 360 degree camera

The new Doosan excavators use a smart hydraulic system that offers an improvement of approximately 30% in attachments compared to previously released models. The new system employs smart hydraulic logic for optimum distribution of the hydraulic attachment when both arm and work tool are operating simultaneously. Featuring a new priority valve and an auxiliary hydraulic line that provides continuous hydraulic flow to the attachment, even when the arm is in use.

New tiltrotator mode

A new mode is available on the control panel for the tiltrotator. It can be selected to ensure optimized hydraulic flow and helps maximize the accuracy in the tiltrotator's work by eliminating back pressure. This new mode is a dedicated two-way flow mode, but is managed by the EPOS as a one-way flow mode with direct return to the tank in any direction, to avoid back pressure and increase flow and controllability.

New fine swing function

The fine swing function is also a standard feature on the new models. This minimizes the shaking of the machine when lifting and/or swinging objects. It also increases worker safety and minimizes the risk of damage. When this function is activated, the overshoot disappears allowing the excavators to smoothly reach maximum swing speed. This while removing the shock from the reversal at the point of stopping, resulting in a smooth stop.

New lifting eye

The new models also have a new lifting eye as standard, which is part of the bucket attachment casting at the end of the arm. The new lifting eye has a maximum capacity of 5 tons and is fitted with a special bush insert to prevent deformation of the lifting hole.

Doosan connect

The new models are factory-fitted with the latest Doosan connect system. This is a tool specially designed for the Doosan range and provides comprehensive information on machine performance in a dual mode (satellite, mobile network). It provides an online based solution for the fleet which is very useful for managing the performance and safety of the machines and promoting preventive maintenance.

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