Van Mourik Infra one step closer to zero emissions

28 September 2020

We were able to deliver the Doosan DX19 Electric to Mourik . With the purchase of the Doosan DX19 Electric , Mourik Infra is one step closer to its ambition to work without emissions.

The Doosan DX19 Electric , is a fully electric and silent excavator equipped with an electric motor that has 15 kW of power, making the machine comparable to a diesel excavator. The batteries of the mini excavator consist of Lithium Ion batteries of the LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) type, making them 100% recyclable. An EoL (End of Life) statement is issued for the batteries. In practice, this equates to a service life of approximately ten years.

We wish Mourik a lot of safe Doosan Electric operating hours!

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