Very complete new Doosan DX140W-5 for van Dinther Ground & Demolition Works VOF from Deurne

31 August 2018

Staad recently delivered a beautiful and very complete Doosan DX140W-5 to Van Dinther Grond- & Sloopwerken from Deurne. We find Rick van Dinther during work at a time when he has already been working with the machine for over 300 hours. We ask Rick about his experiences: "My previous machine was also a Doosan and it performed really well. Besides the maintenance, this machine cost me a maximum of 250 euros per year extra and it had run more than 15,000 hours. This new Doosan is also not really comparable to my previous one.This Doosan DX140W-5 is really much more complete, not only because of the options and attachments purchased, but also in terms of appearance and ease of use, professional steps have been taken by Doosan and Staad. where you are guided at Staad in the purchase of the machine, up to and including construction and delivery, you will notice that huge steps have been made there too.The machine is discussed down to the smallest details and where necessary solutions and suggestions are made to work well and with pleasure. I enjoy doing business that way, I can only say that I am extremely satisfied at the moment."

The DX140W-5 has the power to be even more productive. The DX140W-5 takes on the toughest tasks with effective, reliable performance that saves time and money. Due to an improved hydraulic system so that the engine is used more efficiently. So that you can work more comfortably, smoothly and accurately. The combination of higher digging forces, lifting capacities and traction forces gives you the performance you can rely on, day in and day out. In addition, lower fuel consumption means that you keep costs and environmental burden low.

Van Dinther Earth and Demolition Works has more than 10 years of experience when it comes to work in earth and demolition works. Van Dinther works for companies, governments and private individuals. Thanks to the many projects that Van Dinther Grond- en Sloopwerken has already completed, they have sufficient knowledge and skills to offer every customer a solution when it comes to earth and demolition work in the broadest sense of the word. For the execution of the work we work with the following machines: mobile excavator, mini digger, loader, mini loader and crane truck.

Staad Groep is an official importer / dealer of Doosan earth-moving machines. They provide optimal performing machines that help their customers to be successful. This is possible with new, used or rental machines, but they would also like to be a partner for service, maintenance, parts and financing issues.

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