Walking along with the warehouse of Staad

13 October 2022

Today we spend a morning with warehouse employee Paul. He is part of Staad's warehouse team. It is the department where everything in the company comes together so that all mechanics can get back to work properly and our customers are helped forward with parts.


We walk with Paul (2 nd person from the left), but who is that and what is his view on the team? We're going to discuss it all. Paul is 24 years old and lives in Mariahout. He and his girlfriend are busy building their new home. In his spare time he supports his favorite football club PSV and likes to hit a ball on the tennis court. After his high school career, he immediately started working for Staad. He has been working here for 4.5 years now and has already gained a lot of experience. Paul is also a member of Logistiekelingen. This is an organization that shows how beautiful and interesting the logistics sector actually is.


Staad's warehouse currently consists of four people; Paul, Corné, Chris and Huib. They have a great responsibility. The warehouse ensures that the service technicians and construction technicians can work smoothly and that the parts are always ready. In addition, they help calling customers with parts they need for their earth-moving machine.


After briefly discussing the weekend while enjoying a good cup of coffee, the day could begin. Every morning the mailbox is checked for any questions or orders. Today it turned out that a customer needed new fuel filters for his Doosan machine. By looking up the serial numbers of the fuel filters in the system, they could easily be picked and shipped to the relevant customer. Another customer came to the counter to collect parts that he had ordered the day before. Paul had ensured that everything was ready on time, so that the customer could continue immediately. The phone kept ringing in between. For example, a customer had to have a number of parts for his machine, but gave a rather difficult instruction. But with Paul's experience and technical knowledge, the parts could still be shipped and he managed to satisfy another customer.

A wonderful profession

“The best thing about my job is that you have so much contact with customers every day and you can make them happy every time. They often ask the most technical questions and then I have to search the system for the right part, but once you have found the right part and once you get an agreement, it gives you a kick. I also really like that you have a very varied work. No day is the same. And what makes the Staad warehouse really special is the atmosphere that prevails on the work floor. Colleagues really have a good relationship with each other and everyone really feels very much at home. Partly for this reason, I still enjoy going to work every day,” says Paul.

Do Paul's activities also seem interesting to you and do you want to strengthen the warehouse toppers? View the open vacancy or contact us!

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