“We just drove through a house with our Doosan DX10Z to get into the backyard!”

10 October 2019

We speak with Erik Mollemans. Erik works at Hoveniersbedrijf van der Hulst from Geldrop. Hoveniersbedrijf van der Hulst was founded in 2005. The company designs, maintains and maintains gardens. Everything in one, owner and founder Jeroen van der Hulst will take care of that. He knows everything in the field of outdoor spaces and planting. But at Hoveniersbedrijf van der Hulst they are also familiar with interior spaces, as it turns out. Erik says: “We recently drove our Doosan DX10Z through a house to get into the backyard!”

Introduce yourself, who are you and what company do you work for?
“I am Erik Mollemans. I live in Helmond with my girlfriend and my 7 month old son. I have been working at gardening company van der Hulst from Geldrop for a year now. I have been in the gardens since I was sixteen. During my education I also did an internship with Jeroen and last year our paths crossed and I started working here.”

What makes this excavator so special to you?
“We used to work with the shovel. Now that we can dig with the Doosan DX10Z , we're done three times faster. But besides that we can go through everything and since we come to the craziest places that is ideal! The other day we had to make a garden, but those people didn't have a back, so as I said before, we just went through the house with the Doosan DX10Z. Then you really can't miss him. The Doosan DX10Z also has joysticks and no levers, which you don't see with all small excavators, that works really nicely.”

What kind of work do you like to do with the Doosan?
“It regularly happens that there are roots and other rubbish in the top layer of the soil. Then we hang the rake box on it and we can clear the top layer with the Doosan DX10Z. I'll show you that, works very quickly and easily. That is even faster than with the spitbak! We also have a gripper, which we use to pull out the stumps, for example. So you can say that the machine is fully equipped.

What do you like most about your job?
“If it doesn't freeze, we are planting gardens all year round. I prefer to do that. It is varied and fun to work. Our garden designer draws really beautiful gardens. You leave home with the drawing and then arrive at the work. Sometimes you can't imagine that the garden in question will look like the drawing. Little by little you see the garden change because of our work and the result gives a super good feeling. Our work is very varied, because we really do everything ourselves. This includes digging out a garden to putting the plants and flowers.”

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