We visit Burgthoeve in Oijen

13 July 2021

We visit Burgthoeve in Oijen. Upon arrival, Milan, who has been visiting the Burgthoeve for 10 years now, is waiting to tell us more about the organization. They recently commissioned a Doosan DX225LC-3 crawler excavator. This is a nice addition to their machine park.

Burgthoeve is not just an earthmoving and contracting company. In addition to earthmoving and contract work, it is also a horse dairy and a care farm. This special combination has everything to do with the passion of the family. In 1997, the van der Burgt family founded a horse dairy. The company grew quickly and the idea arose in 2000 to combine this with a care farm, so that people with disabilities could be offered meaningful daytime activities here. ''When she wanted to set up this, it was still a really new concept. It started with two clients at the time and has gradually grown in size. We currently have two locations. 25 clients live and work at one location and another 16 at the other location. Son Bart has a great passion for excavators, so he wanted to start an earth-moving company. In doing so, we have these three different sports within our company. At the moment, we are mainly involved in residential construction, for which we take care of all the ground work, according to Milan."

Pleasant ambience
“I started here with a summer job. After that I worked elsewhere for a while and last summer I came back full-time. There's a real family atmosphere here, I'm in the right place here. We also try to involve everyone in the work. For example, every Saturday I take a client to a job. And that is what we look forward to all week. There is nothing more beautiful for me to see that the client also walks around with a big smile all Saturday."

Add on
''We've had a crawler excavator for about six years now, because placing pits is quite difficult to do with a mobile excavator. A crawler excavator is a lot more stable. Our crawler excavator needed to be replaced so we had to look for a new one. We have rented a Doosan from you before and we always liked it very much. Your salesperson, Johan, comes to visit us and we have a good click with that. Johan then indicated that he had a nice machine that we could try out. The choice was quickly made for the Doosan DX225LC-3 crawler excavator. It is a machine with a lot of power, it really wants to work and it runs well.”

Do as much yourself as possible
We can also transport the Doosan DX225LC-3 ourselves because it is not too heavy for our low loader, so it is really an ideal size. We try to do as much service as possible ourselves, but we can't do everything ourselves. We call Staad for things that we cannot do ourselves, because the service is very well regarded. That was also one of the reasons why we bought an excavator from you. All we have to do is call and it will be resolved. In addition to the crawler excavator, we have now also rented a mobile excavator and that is also delivered very neatly. That machine also runs great, so I have no feedback on that either. We attach great importance to the contacts we have at the dealer and then the brand comes into play. There has to be that click.”

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