We visit Danny Zagers

10 February 2022

We visit self-turner Danny Zagers who is currently digging out cellars in a new housing estate and provides other hand and span services in beautiful Roelofarendsveen. Danny is a bit away from home, namely 1 hour and 20 minutes, but he doesn't mind. We talk to Danny about his new Doosan DX170W-5 wheeled excavator and his dreams for the future.

To wish

''In 2018 I started for myself and last year I took the plunge to buy my own machine. A few options on the machine were very important to me, namely GPS, a detachable S60 tiltrotator from engcon, nice Nokian tires and a Wiejelo lubrication system. All the trimmings actually. In heart and soul I am secretly a fan of another brand, but unfortunately I did not come out in terms of costs and wishes. Then I went to Staad to look for a young used machine, but after discussing all my wishes with Sjoerd, we soon arrived at a new machine. This was smarter because it was financially close. Then it became a new one, says Danny.''


“Because of my years as an operator, when I bought the machine I knew very well which options I wanted on it. And everything I wanted is now also on it. Now that I've been spinning for a while, there are some new wishes that I thought; Oh well, that would have been nice too, like extra counter-loading, for example.”


''Because I really wanted a different brand, but still ended up with Doosan, I was curious how I would find it myself to run on a Doosan. But I must honestly say that I am very satisfied. He actually surprises me. It really is my business card!"


That Danny is growing fast and taking advantage of opportunities can be seen in his machinery. "In addition to the Doosan DX170W-5 wheeled excavator, I have a 2-ton mini excavator, a truck with a low loader and I'm still looking for a tipper trailer." This way he can do his jobs completely independently and he can keep his agreements with keep its customers completely in control. ''I don't like to be dependent on anything, so with my machine park I don't have to and I'm sure I can always keep my agreements.'' Danny looks so smart at what offers him added value and the possibilities so that you can invest. In addition, the truck is also nice for him to use when the weather is too bad to work with the excavator. This way he can keep going with the truck and does not have to sit at home.


''For the future I would really like to grow a bit with staff or with other freelancers. That way I can switch even more and I am even more flexible for my customers. In the long run I would like to add a 25-tonne crawler excavator. It is important to me that I am very all-round, flexible and easy-going.''

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