We visit Gebr. van Rijbroek B.V. Loan and Earthmoving company

21 December 2021

We pay a visit to operator Frans who uses the new Doosan DX57W-7 midi excavator from Gebr. van Rijbroek BV Contracting and earth -moving company may manage. A while back we made a nice story about Frans who was allowed to drive a Doosan DX57W-5 from our rental fleet at the time. Because van Rijbroek continued to need the machine for a longer period of time, they decided to purchase the very first Doosan DX57W-7 with the latest Stage V engine. Frans tells us how he likes the machine and what kind of project he is currently working on.

With a smile

In Schijndel, Frans stands for the Municipality of Meierijstad to tidy up the borders in residential areas. A local resident also drops by to tell what a good job Frans delivers and how happy they are that something is finally being done about it. ''Now our neighborhood looks super neat again, we were really ready for that,'' said the resident. '' Frans laughs and continues to work hard. When the tipper of the tractor is full, Frans comes out of his machine cheerfully as always to have a chat. ''Am I happy with the new machine? Yes of course super happy! It runs even better than the machine we first rented from you and now it also has everything in terms of options that I wanted. For example, there are very fine tires from Tianli 500/50x17R, I have a mowing basket function on it, demolition and sorting function, tilting bucket, company stickers, boom suspension, Wiejelo automatic grease lubrication and a combi towbar, says Frans.


Thanks to the chosen tires, the machine runs super on the road. Frans has to travel a lot from job to job, so fine tires for the road were a must. For example, he recently drove up and down from Eerde to Den Bosch to place the Christmas trees on the market in Den Bosch. This has been a nice ride. Not only the tires are nice, but Frans also notices that the machine is a lot more economical than the previous series. “Whether I'm driving long distances on the road or doing a lot of digging, the machine remains a lot more economical than the previous machine in all cases. That's nice for me because I don't have to fill up too often, but also for the boss because that makes a difference in the wallet'', says Frans.

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