We visit Herbert Rutjens

06 July 2021

We visit Herbert Rutjens. A self-turner who has been on machines for as long as he knows. A tractor, truck or an excavator, he controls it all. After having hired himself out for years as a driver or operator, he wanted his own excavator. ''I was on a different brand of mini digger for a few years, but at one point the machine was a bit worn out. Then I started looking and comparing and the Doosan DX27z mini-excavator came out the best, according to Herbert.”

The start
For a very long time, Herbert worked as an employee and for that he always had to travel a lot for his work. In addition, starting for oneself has always been a wish. ''I thought; then I can decide everything myself and accept the works that I like. Of course it doesn't quite work that way, haha. But I knew ten years ago that it was difficult for many employers in the industries to get people. I saw my chance in that and I started as a self-turner. I was soon able to work for Loonbedrijf Dekkers and for the water boards in the Maas and Waal region. In the beginning I didn't have a machine myself. I hired myself out as an engineer or driver. I do everything from earthworks, agricultural contracting to truck removal, it doesn't matter to me. I like that variety.”

''About three or four years ago, my clients increasingly ran into the problem that they did not have a small mini digger that could go everywhere and mow the small ditches. Then I thought, I actually like that. I also did a lot of mowing work at my old employer and I always enjoyed doing that. This was my chance to buy a small machine and do what I love all day. First I bought a somewhat older machine so that I could see if it would run and if I had enough clients. There was still quite a lot of work for me and it became more and more. Three years ago I came into contact with Willems Winssen, they are responsible for the maintenance of the Rivierenland, Rijk van Nijmegen and Maas en Waal water board. They were looking for someone who could maintain the ditches of the water boards with a mini digger. Then we started working together and we clicked really well.”

After I was told that I could also maintain the water boards with my mini digger for this year, I decided to purchase a new machine. For the many kilometers that I have to maintain, comfort in the machine is very important. In addition to comfort, the long boom length was important to me, as was the undercarriage of the machine. Internet is now very easy and only a few machines came forward that met the conditions for me, including Staad's. Because there was proportional control on the joystick, the great comfort in the cabin (can even put my cool box behind my seat) and the beautiful design, Doosan was the deciding factor.

Family feeling
In addition to the specifications that must be good, I also buy with feeling. To be honest, how my wife Hanny and I were received by you was really great. Just like coming home. That's just really nice. I really think this might be your best point as a dealer. The service to the customer and always being welcome is unique how you do that. The guys are always there for you.

extra options
In addition to the standard options, the Doosan DX27z mini digger from Herbert is equipped with 215 kg extra counterweight, mowing bucket function, bucket changeover and a tool box. In it you can see that Herbert himself is also very handy, because he made up the extra counterweight and toolbox himself.

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