We visit HITT Infra

04 March 2022

We visit Thomas Arends owner of HITT Infra. We talk to him about his company and how he got there, but also about his already purchased Doosan DX63-3 midi excavator and the Doosan DX140W-5 wheeled excavator . In five years, Thomas has set up a great company that he can certainly be proud of!


“Five years ago I started on my own with a 1000 kilo excavator. Then I had a company with a partner for a while, but after a while we split up again and I started all by myself and so on. So we continued to build slowly. I sat on a Doosan DX35z myself for a while, but soon I got more and more work and I hired my first employee. My team now consists of five men. These guys are really attuned to each other, we are a great club together now, says Thomas.''


''I've been a customer of Staad from the start and I always say everyone has something, but I just have a really good relationship. Especially with the representative Johan. Always short, powerful and fast, just clear and I like that very much. I also have a good relationship with the rental coordinator André. Not too difficult and just the way it is, it is. And André always responds well to that. For me, the dealer is perhaps even more important than the machine. We also once experienced a lesser situation together, but we came out of it together super. Now I have four Doosan excavators, the Doosan DX10z, Doosan DX35z, Doosan DX63-3 and the Doosan DX140W-5. I think that unity is very important in my machine park."

To dream

What is my dream in five years? Preferably keep doing the same. Personally, I prefer to be outside to make beautiful projects with the boys. Whether I'm sitting on the machine or standing with the shovel or vibrating plate, it really doesn't matter to me. As long as I can cooperate and make a joke from time to time. It feels nice to be a kind of flying chicken. So that everything continues to run smoothly and I can continue to guarantee quality."


Nowadays we often work as a subcontractor. We are currently working on making a horse box. We work a lot for different holiday parks in the region. That's where we actually do all the maintenance. But I also have two pavers and I am really happy with them. That also makes us unique as a company. We work approximately in a radius of 50 kilometers, which is a bit the max. I think this is still possible to drive. The customers know me as a man with good communication, quality and short lines. I also notice this in the reviews I get from customers. So I think these are my strengths.”

The machines

Everything Thomas needs is on the machines. ''In the Doosan DX63-3 there is a fuel filling pump, always very handy that if you are standing somewhere, you can fill up quickly and easily. In addition, an engcon, which we had to wait a while because it had a longer delivery time, but it was completely worth it. The Doosan DX140W-5 is an old demo machine so everything is there. I'll have top lights added and then it's really a beautiful and complete machine, which I take over from the rental. For me, the choice to take over the machine was a simple calculation. I was renting a wheeled excavator so much that it was going to cost me too much and I was getting closer and closer to getting a machine cheaper. I have now taken that step and that has been super smart. Now I take on even more work because we always have the machine. So a win-win for me and my team!"

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