We visit Loonbedrijf Hoeymakers & Kellenaers

19 October 2022

Today we visited driver Bart. He has been working for Loonbedrijf Hoeymakers & Kellenaers for almost 12.5 years and can now call himself the proud owner of the Doosan DX160W-7 . Bart is very satisfied with the machine and would like to share his experience.


In 2003, Loonbedrijf Twan Hoeymakers entered into a partnership with Loonbedrijf PH Kellenaers BV. They shared the same passion and the collaboration turned out to be a great success. Such a great success that two years later Hoeymakers and Kellenaers decided to merge and continue under one name. To this day, the two are still together and carry out activities ranging from earthmoving to crop care.

Current project

Hoeymakers & Kellenaers is currently busy with the Doosan DX160W-7 at a mushroom farm, where a large waste pit has to be excavated. All the waste water from the mushrooms must not end up in the ditch and the powerful machine can of course lend a hand with that. ''With this machine you can easily dig close to the machine, which is very useful, especially with this type of work. In the beginning, the speed of the machine took some getting used to, but now it runs really well. In addition, I have always played with a Doosan. The machines just feel very familiar. We have tried some other brands but that didn't work out so well. When I bought a new machine, I just knew it had to be a Doosan.


We have been able to supply the powerful Doosan DX160W-7 with, among other things, a boom suspension. This option was a must for driver Bart: “In the spring we spend a lot of time on the road and all those back roads make you feel like a bouncing ball. With a boom suspension you really notice the difference.” In addition, he is also very pleased with the hydraulic support legs that are mounted at the rear of the machine: "You simply stand much more stable with different activities, which means you can work with much more ease and peace of mind."

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