We visit the Municipality of Breda

12 January 2022

We visit the Municipality of Breda and speak to Patrick Visser there. Patrick has been working for the municipality for five years now and is one of the fleet managers of all the equipment of the municipality. Together with his colleague Jurgen Rennen, he ensures that some 6,000 pieces of equipment are purchased, but also remain in good condition. What kind of material should you consider? ''You should think of a truck, excavator, snow spreader, brush cutter or even a ladder. Actually everywhere where an inspection, insurance or something similar applies, according to Patrick.'' Patrick and Jurgen together manage about nine people who are involved in this branch of the Municipality of Breda.

Larger projects

Patrick is involved in tenders, contract management, team management and larger projects. ''An example of such a large project that we are currently working on is with the waste service, so hydrogen-powered garbage trucks. I'm working on that a lot and I also really enjoy doing it, that's really interesting. As the Municipality of Breda, we try to do more and more about sustainability. It's an important piece for us, but you also need to have the resources for it. That is still a challenge to get a pot of money for. But we certainly think it's important to be involved, says Patrick.''


Replacement for the old beast, that is the Doosan DX170W-5 mobile excavator for the Municipality of Breda . The old machine that stood on the spot where the new Doosan is now has been moved to tree lifting. The Doosan DX170W-5 runs on the recycling center and ensures that everything stays tidy by transferring, pushing and loading trucks. According to Patrick, the machine is doing very well. ''For me it's always; No news is good news. In the beginning there were a few small start-up problems, but you solved that immediately. What is also quite unique is that we have a sprinkler system on the machine. This nozzle ensures that all the dust does not blow up when the Doosan is emptying or pushing the bins so that the dust settles. We deliberately did not opt for a scissor cab that you often see in a recycling center, because our bins are low and the operator can therefore easily look into them. Plus the cameras that are located on the boom make it clear and visible to the operator at all times, so a scissor cab is not necessary.''


We also visit the operator on the recycling center to hear about his experiences with the Doosan DX170W-5 wheeled excavator . But that was nothing but positivity. ''I'm just really happy with it! The previous machine that was here was also a Doosan so I was already used to Doosan, but with my new wheeled excavator everything is even nicer, smoother and faster. So actually no point other than perfect and very happy with it, says the driver.

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