Why do you choose LED lighting instead of halogen lighting?

25 October 2018

With the short, dark winter days ahead, it is important to equip your machine with properly working lamps. Not only are lamps needed to carry out your work in the dark, but also to be visible to other traffic or other machines in a workshop.

Everyone is familiar with halogen lamps. These lamps have been the standard on every machine for years. But with all the technical developments of recent years, there is a new variant; the light-emitting diode, better known as; the LED lamp. Now also known to a large audience, but less known for placing it on an excavator. However, the LED lamp has more advantages compared to the traditional halogen lamp.

Starting with the light range. The range of an LED lamp is many times greater than that of a halogen lamp. For example, an LED lamp on an excavator quickly has a range of more than 100 meters, while the range of a halogen lamp often gets stuck at 40 meters. Another advantage of LED lamps is that they are functional in use. For example, the lamp no longer has a start-up time when the machine is switched on and the lamps are switched on immediately when switched on. The lamps are also not sensitive to vibrations from the machine itself. The LED lamps that Staad offers are also immediately suitable for the Doosan excavators, which means that nothing needs to be converted to add LED lamps. Furthermore, the lamps do not interfere with the use of the radio in the cabin.

In addition to the improved functionalities, LED lamps have the additional advantage that they are better for the environment. LED lamps consume less power than traditional halogen lamps. The lamps also have a longer life. If the LED lamps do need to be replaced, up to 75% of the LED lamps can be recycled.

Because LED lamps are a good investment and their lifespan is longer than halogen lamps, Staad offers a two-year warranty on the lamps. In addition to the warranty, all LED lamps have a CE mark. Looking at all the advantages that LED lamps offer, it is becoming an increasingly logical choice to go for LED lamps. Not only good for your own safety and accuracy when working, but also for the environment.

Would you like more information about LED lamps and whether your machine is suitable for them? Please contact Chris on +31 413 725 114.

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