Why is rental a good business consideration?

06 June 2018

This week we will focus on the subject of rental and what it can mean for you in business. In association with Arie Arts tree care we have discussed what influence this can have on a company and how this has a positive effect.

Why should you choose rental from a business point of view?
In 2017 Arie Arts tree care bought the first excavator at Staad. The sale showed that they also have other projects for which they need a different type of excavator, but it is not financially and effectively necessary to purchase an extra excavator. It was not yet known to them that Staad also rents out excavators whose quality is just as high as the new machines. For Arie Arts tree care it is currently cheaper to rent than to buy due to the different projects they take on that require a different type of excavator each time.

Buying and renting What considerations are involved?
The big difference is in daily use and project use. A mobile excavator, for example, needs Arie Arts tree care every day and is therefore highly effective. But besides that, it is not necessary for them to also buy a crawler excavator because they do not need it for every project. In addition, sometimes they need a heavier one than other times because of the type of project. Rental is an ideal solution for this; you use it when you need it and when the project is over you return the digger back to staad.

Important conditions in the field of rental?
According to Arie Arts tree care, it is important that they think along in order to create a good relationship with the renting party. When there is a project for which another excavator is used, there is the possibility to see together with the renting party what the best option is and what costs are involved. The whole picture that comes with it so that as a company you do not also have to worry about whether the project is possible in the field of the excavator, but that there is always a solution for this at the landlord and that they always want to help further. If there should nevertheless be a problem with an excavator or a project that the landlord relieves you as a company and tries to solve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. As a company you already have enough to think about and take into account and then it is experienced as nice that the excavators that are needed or the excavators that are in use are not also a point where you, as a company, are busy should make.

How does the rental scheme work?
Actually it is very simple; you call and ask if the excavator is available and if it is possible to rent it. If this is not the case, Arie Arts tree care indicates that a solution can always be found together in order to be able to meet the customer's needs. Flexibility is therefore very important for Arie Arts tree care, being able to rely on each other and thus creating a good and strong cooperation.

Important points of a rental machine?
The range of excavators has never been a stumbling block for Arie Arts tree care at Staad, but of course there are always developments and innovations. It is important to him that there is also the latest offer in the rental fleet and that you do not necessarily have to buy a new excavator for this. But the excavators must therefore all be the same in control, quality and care. So that you arrive at the projects with good excavators. Plus if the company is neat and tidy for the day. This is not only important for the management of Arie Arts tree care, but also for the operators who work on the excavators it is of course even more important. There is therefore no difference in the quality between rental and purchase of the machines.

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