With which fuel do you reduce your CO2 emissions?

12 November 2019

There is no getting around it: an energy transition is underway and today there are quite a few alternative fuels with which we can reduce CO2 emissions. Although diesel fuels will remain necessary to meet our energy needs for a long time to come, it can be made a bit greener and more sustainable. But how exactly do you do that, you ask? That's why we called on Van Kessel Olie .

Van Kessel Olie tells us that there are three types of diesel with which you can reduce the CO2 emissions of your machine to reduce the burden on the climate. Namely: Traxx Diesel (4% CO2 reduction), TraXX Zero (100% CO2 reduction) and HVO diesel (89% CO2 reduction). You see a difference in CO2 reduction, but the fuels can also be mixed. Curious about the difference? Construction machinery explains it for you.

Source: www.vankesselolie.nl/energietransitie

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