Witlox proudly owns the Doosan DX170W-7

26 September 2022

We visit Witlox Wegenbouw, Groentechniek & Ontstoppingsdienst, which is the proud owner of the Doosan DX170W-7 wheeled excavator and who rent a Doosan DX235LCR-5 from us. A while ago we were able to deliver the beautiful Doosan DX170W-7 and operator Wim (engineer since 2001 and now working for Witlox for 4 years) is very satisfied with it. He tells us about his current project and the experience with the machine.


Witlox Wegenbouw, Groentechniek & Ontstoppingsdienst is a young and innovative company that wants to respond as much as possible to the wishes of their customers. Witlox employees think along and provide expert advice. They carry out work from street work, soil suction work, safety support to garden advice. The new Doosan DX170W-7 was received with a big party at the company. The films were circulated on the internet, the fanfare was there and they toasted the new acquisition.


Witlox is currently busy with the construction of a sewage system in Uden and the Doosan DX170W-7 mobile excavator can of course lend a hand with that. The machine is used to remove the dirt and to close the trenches. The Doosan DX235LCR-5 is used to place the large sewage pits of about 8 tons. ''With the mobile excavator in combination with the tiltrotator we can move very smoothly, which makes it easier to dig into the ground along other cables and pipes. That is why we also opted for a tiltrotator for this type because it does not have any cylinders, which really suits us. After all, we work a lot with cables and pipes and if there are too many together and I have to go through them, that can now be done much better without causing damage.'', says Wim.


When Wim just got the machine, he didn't like the controls as much as his previous Doosan: ''Yes, the controls didn't run as well as my old excavator, but your mechanics quickly came to solve that and now it runs great. Why I chose a Doosan again is because I have also played on other brands in the past, but that just does not work as well as a Doosan. I was so happy with my previous machine with 13,000 running hours and it was still running so well. I didn't even want to look at another brand. Especially with that 6-cylinder engine, which runs like a charm.'', says Wim.


Wim is often involved in these kinds of projects. Moving sewage pipes of 700 kg to a pit of 6 tons is a piece of cake for the Doosan DX170W-7. ''When we open the hood of the machine after a long day of hard work, it looks like we haven't worked for a whole day. The engine handles it so well."


Furthermore, operator Wim is very satisfied with the service provided by Staad: ''Something breaks down with every brand, but what is important to me is how it is dealt with. I was running in Veghel a while ago with the old machine. We were laying sewerage at a school and then the final drive broke down. I called thinking this wasn't going to work that day, but they knew right away what it was and came with the parts. Less than two hours later I was just spinning again. That's unbelievable. With another brand I once had to wait three days before they could help me while my machine just stood still. That was just not possible then. So no, I'm really happy with Staad and the Doosan."

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