Workplace Safety – Personal Protection

31 October 2018

Safety: you prefer to tackle hazards at the source. After all, prevention is better than cure. Because not all dangers can be prevented at source, it is up to the employer to protect its employees against this. This can be done by providing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Both mechanics in the workshop and on the road have to deal with safety. Imagine that you are working in a location where a machine has stopped working. The temperature is below freezing, the terrain is bumpy and the ground is frozen and you get to work to fix the malfunction. During the repair you have to work with a grinder, you will test the engine, parts have to be welded together and the machine is on a construction site. A situation that occurs frequently.

But what are the dangers here? What should you pay attention to? How do you protect yourself against this? In the described situation, a number of personal protective equipment applies. Safety shoes are necessary because a construction site is being entered. Because the construction site is entered, a helmet is also mandatory. Sparks can occur during grinding and the eyes should be protected with safety glasses. Hearing protection must be worn during engine testing. Finally, the hands and forearms must be protected during the welding of the parts.

Finally, the question arises; who is responsible for providing the personal protective equipment? That is the employer, it must provide its employees with the correct and approved PPE. Staad believes it is important that all employees can carry out their work safely. When a new colleague starts as a mechanic, he or she will receive eye and face protection, custom-made hearing protection, a safety helmet, welding gloves, overalls and protective and work clothing. In this way the hazards and risks are minimized and a safe workplace is created. What are you doing to create a safe working environment?

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