Young used Doosan DX170W-5 for Jos van Happen containers

06 September 2018

Staad recently delivered a young used Doosan DX170W-5 to Jos van Happen containers from Mierlo. Sales of young used machines have grown enormously in the past period at Staad. The Used Machines department has reliable contacts to purchase good, young used machines that can function well for years to come in a professional working environment. Often these purchased machines do not make it to the used website of Staad because they are already reserved/bought by a potential interested party immediately upon purchase. Buyers who are interested in a young used machine are advised to make their question known to a Staad seller, so that the correct interpretation can be successfully searched from Staad used.

At the company location we spoke to Jos van Happen about the investment in the Doosan DX170W-5. Jos about that: "We have had 3 brands of demo machines to see which machine can be optimally used by us for our work. We then first and foremost look at the performance and are very keen on competitive purchasing. Staad has answered our question well, clear communication and the Doosan DX170W-5 came out positive in all respects. We also think it is important that we can do business directly with a dealer/importer. They have the knowledge, the parts and the right tools like no other the machine unexpectedly comes to a standstill. We are very satisfied with the purchase of the Doosan DX170W-5 from Staad."

The DX170W-5 has an exclusive multi-function switch, 4 modes of operation and power, proportional control and an easy-to-use seven-inch TFT-LCD color monitor. In addition, two gears (high, low + creep) with cruise control and three front axle vibration locking modes (on/off/auto).

Bee Jos van Happen Containers they specialize in the collection of various waste streams. Sale of sand and gravel, carrying out transport work and renting out containers. These containers have a volume of 2 to 40 m3.

Staad Groep is an official importer / dealer of Doosan earth-moving machines. They offer optimally performing machines that help their customers to be successful. This is possible with new, used or rental machines, but they would also like to be a partner for service, maintenance, parts and financing issues.

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