A new Doosan DX10Z and a new Doosan DX19 for VDK infrastructure and mobility from Kerkdriel

15 January 2019

Some time ago, Staad was able to deliver two new Doosans to VDK infra and mobility from Kerkdriel

We are in contact with co-owner Rien van de Kam about the new investments. Rien: "We were in the market for the investment of a 2 tonne crane to expand our machinery. Only our search did not go the way we had envisioned it. More or less by accident we ended up at Staad, there we were received in the right way and attended to. The machine was also in stock, so we could see and test what we wanted to buy. Then we at VDK do not need a lot of time anymore, we quickly decide, We really completed the purchase in that same hour. In fact, when we took a look in the workshop we saw a Doosan DX10z , this model was unknown to us, but we decided to buy this model right away. because 2 hours before that we were introduced to Staad for the first time.

Once again the trust was there immediately and to this day we stand behind these purchases and we experience the strength of Staad as a supplier. In our company philosophy we think hitting is more important than hitting hard, this is a good example of that. It is still about the right man in the right place, Staad has understood that well."

During the photo on location we speak to driver Erik, he is short and to the point about the Doosan DX19 : " This machine is top notch, it does what I want. For the time being I can move forward with this new Doosan DX19, but the next investment is definitely a good one as far as I'm concerned become a Doosan again".

City Group is the official importer and dealer of Doosan construction machinery. We offer you optimally performing machines that help our customers to be successful. This is possible with new, used or rental machines, but we would also like to be your partner for service, maintenance, parts and financing issues.

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