Doosan Launches New HB Series Hydraulic Breakers

05 November 2020

Doosan Infracore Europe has released the new HB series hydraulic breaker for the European market. The new version of the HB-series breakers offers a new concept with high performance and a simplified design, specifically optimized and fully certified for Doosan excavators with load capacities from 1.2 to 15 tons. As a result, Doosan HB breakers provide the highest possible productivity, whether the operator is breaking concrete or breaking rock.

The high quality of the breakers is backed by an industry leading two year warranty and they are available at cost effective prices, offering customer benefits in terms of total cost of ownership. Dosan says all these features together are designed to significantly exceed customer expectations for hydraulic breakers.

Like all Doosan machines and attachments, the new Doosan breakers are supported by the excellent Doosan dealer service network and Doosan product specialists, who provide a fully comprehensive 'one stop service'.

High quality with a longer lifespan
The life of the breakers is extended by the application of an advanced heat treatment process and proven quality materials for key components, including the cylinder and piston. The energy of the piston stroke is collected by charged nitrogen gas and the breakers use an inward valve system with a simple structure and fewer internal parts.

A urethane damper prevents vibrations that can damage the carrier and improves operator comfort. The front head supports the breaker and assemblies with a bushing, which absorbs the impact of the tool. The low-noise housing is ideal for working in urban areas where noise levels must be controlled or where local regulations require damped breakers.

HB Series offers a choice of five hydraulic breaker models
The HB Series offers five hydraulic breakers - the HB03, HB04, HB06, HB08 and HB15 - for use on Doosan mini-excavators and Doosan crawler and wheel excavators, with payloads from 1.2 to 15 tons. Ideally suited for demolition work, the Doosan breaker range is also intended for general construction, rental, quarry and mining applications.

The series starts with the HB03 breaker, which is suitable for use on the Doosan DX17z 1.7 ton and DX19 1.9 ton mini excavators. The next in the range is the HB04 model for the DX27z 2.7 tons and DX35z 3.5 tons mini excavators. The third model in the series - the HB06 breaker - is designed for use on the 6 ton Doosan DX57W-5 wheeled excavator, DX62R-3 and DX63-3 mini excavators.

The fourth model in the series is the HB08 breaker for use with the Doosan DX85-3 8 ton mini excavator. The high-quality HB15 hydraulic breaker is designed for use with the Doosan DX140LC-5 , DX140LCR-5 and DX160LC-5 crawler excavators and the Doosan DX140W-5, DX160W-5 and DX165W 5- wheel excavators.

Doosan Hydraulic Breakers - Quick Specifications
Carrier weight: 1.2-3.0 tons
Operating weight (housing): 100 kg
Tool diameter: 45 mm
Working pressure: 88-117 bar
Required hydraulic flow (min.-max): 20 to 30 l / min
Max frequency: 1200 beats per minute

Carrier weight: 2.5 - 4.5 tons
Operating weight (housing): 150 kg
Tool diameter: 53 mm
Working pressure: 88-117 bar
Required hydraulic flow (min.-max): 25 to 50 l / min
Maximum frequency: 1100 beats per minute

Carrier weight: 4.0-7.0 tons
Operating weight (housing): 300 kg
Tool diameter: 60 mm
Working pressure: 108-137 bar
Required hydraulic flow (min.-max): 40 to 70 l / min
max. Frequency: 900 beats per minute

Carrier weight: 6.0-9.0 tons
Operating weight (housing): 390 kg
Tool diameter: 80 mm
Working pressure: 118-147 bar
Required hydraulic flow (min.-max): 50 to 90 l / min
max. Frequency: 800 beats per minute

Carrier weight: 10-15 tons
Operating weight (housing): 900 kg
Tool diameter: 100 mm
Working pressure: 147-166 bar
Required hydraulic flow (min.-max): 80 to 110 l / min
max. Frequency: 700 beats per minute

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