Spotted: Beautiful used Doosan DX235LCR for Terrafin from Grijpskerke

17 September 2019

On the well-maintained yard at Terrafin in Grijpskerke is a beautiful used Doosan DX235LCR. This machine was delivered some time ago by Staad and we are curious about the experience so far !

Andre Bos, director of Terrafin, explains: "I was in the market for a new machine, but for our ease of use, the machine did not need too much new technology. In principle, we only use the machine at our site for this. loading, unloading or rearranging. This happens at irregular times of the day and often also by a diversity of operators. Unfortunately, that search was unsuccessful: all new machines are of course equipped with the latest technical obligations and gadgets. company are also at the forefront in terms of technology, but in the ease of use with many changing machinists we were still looking for a simpler to operate machine. We found this at Staad! Staad was able to fill this in quickly and professionally for us. They communicated clearly and this Doosan DX235LCR was delivered neatly. We had the machine repainted and adjusted to our own wishes. I have parts for never needed this machine. Staad's service technicians do. They were in Grijpskerke at 07:00 in the morning and when they left, everything had been neatly cleaned up again. We love that at Terrafin. If something is not right, we will let you know, but if it is correct, this may also be said. So far, all praise for the way Staad has helped us with this investment."

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