Spotted en route: a Doosan DX63-3 of the Ploegmakers Groep from the Rips.

02 April 2019

On the way we meet driver Iwan van de Ploegmakers Groep from the Rips with a nice Doosan DX63-3 . We ask him about his experience so far on the Doosan DX63-3 supplied by Staad. Iwan: "During the investment process, we had three brands of machines on demo. This allowed us to make an honest assessment and comparison during the work. The Doosan brand is new for the Ploegmakers group, but in the comparison this machine came out on top. bus . This was mainly due to its own weight in combination with the attachments that we wanted it to be attached to. Thijs van Hal provided us with good guidance during the construction process. Everything is thoroughly discussed in advance: which coupling, how and where we should operate the wanted to have the joysticks, etc. etc. During the build-up we visited Staad once more to dot the i's and cross the t's.It turned out that there was a misunderstanding about a personal adjustment that we had in mind, but Staad has very neatly handled and resolved."

We also have some contact with Frans. After all, this Doosan is their first Doosan, so we are curious about his motivation for choosing Doosan and Staad. Frans: " We regularly need a crane from Staad's rental fleet. The Ploegmakers group is progressive and we attach great importance to customer satisfaction and a solution-oriented approach. Sometimes a rental machine is an excellent option to be able to carry out temporary work. , if we do not have - or do not have the right - equipment available ourselves. The contact with Jeroen van den Borgh, rental coordinator at Staad, has been there for a long time and that is always well arranged. The rental machines often have few operating hours, are well maintained , in a neat condition and the experience at work, especially with the shooting, is just good. It is logical that you then also look at the possibilities at Staad and Doosan in an investment process."

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