Staad Just Good Package

11 March 2019

New! Our Just Good Package. A huge package composed with the most chosen options, so that you can be sure of a fully equipped machine and can get started 'just right'. We think that's important. With the Staad Simply Good Package you can start working almost immediately, because we can always supply these options from stock and only a few options need to be added. And good news, we already have a Doosan DX140W-5 and a Doosan DX170W-5 equipped with the Simply Good Package in stock.

What does our Simply Good Package consist of?
Out of a lot. From a folding footboard to a second extra-large toolbox in the undercarriage. View the overview here:

  • LIS Load Compensator/Boom Suspension
    Ideal when driving on the road at a speed of 40 km/h.

  • Separate rotary pump of 40 l/min
    For maximum utilization of, for example, a tiltrotator or mowing bucket function, without the main functions of the machine losing capacity.

  • Electrically switched and adjustable swing lock
    This way you can adjust the swing start and swing brake as desired.

  • Folding footboard at the cab entry
    Handy for putting on your shoes or knocking off your shoes.

  • Groeneveld central automatic grease lubrication
    Is that just as handy: lubricate your machine while you work with it. That is time saving and maximum life of pins and bushings in one.

  • Second oversized toolbox in the undercarriage
    This gives you even more storage space for, for example, a laser tripod, chains, GPS and so on.

  • Reversible combi towbar with a drawbar and a ball
    And that including CE certificate. This way you can easily take a box cart or trailer with you.

  • 24V plug in the undercarriage
    For the lighting of the trolley.

  • Steel mudguards front and rear
    So that you can easily get on via the powder-coated checker plate fenders. Your machine will stay clean all year round!

  • 300 kg additional counterweight
    Ideal when you work with a tiltrotator. The extra weight ensures optimum stability of the machine.

  • All LED work lights
    So 9 pieces. So that you have perfect vision in twilight and darkness.

Are you interested or do you want to know more about the Staad Simply Good Package? Cor, Pieter, Johan and Joost know every detail of our offer. They are happy to tell you more! Call +31 413 725 111.

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