The new DL200-7 & DL420CVT-7 added to the Doosan DL-7 range

10 November 2021

To complement its award-winning range of DL-7 wheel loaders, Doosan Infracore Europe has confirmed the launch of the new DL200-7 and DL420CVT-7 models. Like the existing models, the DL200-7 and DL420CVT-7 offer a next-generation design with a powerful new stage V engine with higher productivity, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs. All this combined with excellent visibility and operator experience.

The DL200-7, the smallest model in the range, is powered by the Perkins 1204J 4-cylinder Stage V with an output of 106 kW (144 hp) at 2200 rpm. With an output of 240 kW (326 hp) at 1800 rpm. the Scania DC09 engine in the DL420CVT-7 delivers generous torque at low speed. Both meet Stage V emissions regulations through the use of catalytic converter reduction, a diesel oxidation catalytic converter and modified DPF.

Up to 15% extra fuel savings
The DL420CVT-7 is equipped with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), the result of a combination of a hydraulic technology and a mechanical technology that provides a smooth continuous speed variation. This allows the DL420CVT-7 to automatically switch from low-speed hydraulic power to the mechanical system to operate at higher speeds.

The entire driving range, forward and reverse, is controlled by the CVT system. The low speed ensures high efficiency and the best driving comfort, regardless of the speed. The variable force distribution technology makes it easier to start off gently and hydraulically. In addition, a fuel saving of up to 15% can be achieved with the CVT.

Perfect view for the operator
The new cab on the DL200-7 and DL420CVT-7 offers greatly improved visibility with minimal blind spots and increased window area of 14% over the -5 models. The wheel loaders also have the option of adjustable rear-view mirrors for added safety. The cab is fitted with LED work lights, with a maximum of six on both the front and rear. For pedestrian safety, the LED lighting on the hood has an automatic strobe function (high frequency short flashes) to indicate when thewheel loader is reversing.

A compressor with blow gun (air) is available as an option and is located in the cabin for easy access. A powerful option for keeping the cab clean and convenient for daily maintenance.

New and spacious ergonomic cab
Both models feature significantly more operating comfort, an improved steering system and advanced electronic controls. Using the new Doosan Smart Key system on the control panel, the operator can start the machine without a key. This is to prevent theft. The system provides door locking and unlocking. There are also two USB ports in the control panel.

The new cab features a standard Grammer Actimo XXL seat with fully adjustable horizontal and vertical suspension, seat heating, three-point seat belt with alarm icons and a pneumatic lumbar function. The panel with Doosan Smart Touch system has a new layout and anti-glare glass.

Another standard option is the new EMCV joystick (Electric Main control Valve). It is fully integrated into the armrest, allowing smoother and more precise operator control of the lift arm and attachments. Features available through this system include automatic digging brake and shock prevention for enhanced operator comfort.

Operator preferences can be set and adjusted using the new Doosan Smart Touch system. The ergonomic joystick controls are designed to give the operator more precise control with a shorter lever stroke, reducing fatigue. The new 8-inch touchscreen provides all the important settings and information the operator needs in one place.

Everything the operator needs in terms of information is within easy reach on the touchscreen, rear view camera, heating, air conditioning, radio and Bluetooth and the help function for the operator. The operator has more legroom, a larger cool box space and an improved air conditioning system with optimized air circulation.

Greater versatility for hydraulic work tools
Both wheel loaders have simple hydraulic connections and are standard equipped with a third hydraulic function including adjustable oil flow and lock. It provides a constant oil flow for hydraulically driven attachments. For the operator, control of the hydraulic attachments is very easy and comfortable as it is done via the proportional switch on the joystick.

The standard bucket capacity of the DL200-7 and the DL420CVT-7 is 2.0 and 4.3 m3 respectively. The lift arm provides high breakout forces and lifting capacity, especially for heavy materials and has a large dump angle for efficient unloading of sticky materials. Both models are also available as a high lift version, with a high lift arm and heavier counterweight for when higher dump heights and greater versatility are required.

Higher performance
The LIS provides a smoother ride for the operator as well as increased productivity due to improved stability when the wheel loader is in motion. The lifting arm is damped by a hydropneumatic accumulator which is coupled to the hydraulic system of the lift and acts as a shock absorber. As a result, the machine is loaded less, it is shock-free, there is no loss of material and it achieves higher driving speeds. A big advantage of this is that it performs much better and has a much lower fuel consumption when running loading and transporting applications.

The DL200-7 is standard equipped with a new Hydrostatic Transmission and new stronger TPD axles. Providing smooth, jerk-free operation in all situations, this transmission offers four steps to limit terminal speed, five different traction modes to suit all application challenges and engine speed settings, along with seven speed limits in first gear to optimize hydraulic work tools. The automatic TPD axles both front and rear ensure optimum driver comfort, reduced tire wear and low axle temperatures on firm ground. Optional front and rear differential locks automatically provide maximum traction and ease over soft and muddy ground without the need for a manual differential lock.

Heavy HDL axles and improved traction with a differential hydraulic lock are standard on the DL420CVT-7, making this wheel loader exceptional to operate, especially in high load situations. The hydraulic differential can be engaged automatically at full torque without any operator action. Optional independent oil cooler circuits provide low oil temperatures for the front and rear axles and provide oil filtration and extend the life of the axle components. This is very useful in demanding applications such as long distances and transport at high temperatures.

Improvements have been made throughout the drivetrain to provide the operator with the best handling characteristics and therefore faster travel, reaching a maximum speed of 38 km/h.

The Doosan Smart Guidance System is a new feature that analyzes the operator's driving habits to help maximize fuel economy. The DSGS provides an overview and guide to the operator's driving pattern to show fuel economy, efficiency and durability by category.

Standard 3 years or up to 5000 hours warranty
The improved hydraulic system and key components provide highly optimized durability and maintenance. Due to the high reliability and quality of both wheel loaders, they come standard with a 3-year warranty or up to 5000 hours.

Standard Doosan Connect
The wheel loaders are factory equipped with the latest Doosan Connect system. This is a tool specially designed for the Doosan range and provides comprehensive information on machine performance in dual mode (satellite, mobile network). It provides an online-based fleet solution that is very useful for managing the performance and safety of the machines and promoting preventive maintenance.

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