Will you be purchasing a mini digger soon?

09 August 2019

Three year warranty
Will you be purchasing a mini digger soon? Then you are lucky! Because our 'three year warranty' promotion has been extended. You will receive an extra year of warranty until the end of November 2019 than is standard.

Lease at 0% interest
Our lease promotion has also been extended and is now valid for the entire year 2019. That's just as well! So do you want immediate access to new material, without making a large investment? Then this is definitely for you. You pay 15% of the purchase amount of your mini digger and then use our 0% interest financing.

Do these actions appeal to you? Ask one of our sales specialists for the conditions. Lieke, Cor, Pieter, Johan and Joost are happy to explain to you exactly how this promotion works. The men can be reached via +31 413 725 111 .

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